As a company, Markforged promises to enable engineers to create high performance parts by breaking down the barriers between design and a finished product. Our printers consistently deliver parts with the strength, quality, and precision necessary for the engineering and design process. Earlier this year we released Onyx, our chopped carbon fiber nylon filament. With increased stiffness, high dimensional stability, and a beautiful surface finish, it delivers professional products right off the print bed. Both when reinforced with continuous fibers and as a standalone 3D printing material, Onyx provides unmatched material strength, stiffness, and beauty in 3D printing.

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However, Onyx thus far has only been accessible to Mark Two Enterprise  and Mark X users, at the top of the Markforged lineup. While continuous fiber reinforcement enables metal-strength 3D printing at a low cost, the professional quality of the Onyx material alone is something we want to share. Today, we introduce the Onyx Series.


Because of the popularity of the Onyx material, we decided to make it more accessible to the larger 3D printing community. This restructuring of our product line allows anyone from students to industry professionals reap the benefits of our Onyx material at a reasonable price point. The Onyx One delivers pure Onyx parts, a material designed to expand the capabilities of 3D printing materials.

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What makes the Onyx One stand out when compared to other 3D printers in its price range is that it has been designed from the ground up to handle strong 3D printing materials. This entry-level 3D printer is practically hands-free, with a robust system that guarantees reliability. Eiger, our intuitive platform integrated with all of our products, provides a cloud-based file management and slicer system for any organization. With robust system design and integration, our software, hardware, and materials work together to ensure performance engineering.


If you want high quality parts but don’t need the strength properties seen with our continuous fibers, the Onyx One is a perfect fit. True strength, however, comes from the continuous composite fiber reinforcement that Markforged is known for. The Onyx Series is designed for upgradeability: with an on-site upgrade you can give your printer continuous fiber reinforcement capability. The Onyx Pro adds fiberglass reinforcement to your high-strength 3D printing toolbox, opening the door to stronger applications. For access to the full range of our materials, including carbon fiber, our strongest and lightest composite fiber, users can upgrade the Onyx Pro to our flagship product, the Mark Two.

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The Onyx series not only brings quality 3D printing products to more customers, but it also provides a path through our technology. Customers can step up to higher strength products through our upgrade path while always having access to the professional properties that Onyx provides and a robust and reliable 3D printing platform.


Interested in learning more about our Onyx Series lineup? Request a demo !

markforged 3d drucker

Source: Markforged Blog

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