We just had the pleasure to speak at the Swiss Talent Forum 2015 in Thun, Switzerland!
The Swiss Talent Forum is a politically independent think-tank for young adults who are committed to the global and long-term challenges of our time.
The 4th Swiss Talent Forum with the topic “Smart Growth and Consumption” took place in Thun from the 30th of January to the 2nd of February 2015. At the STF 70 young people from all over Europe and Switzerland get together with experts and high-profile personalities from business, science, society and politics to discuss potential solutions to the issues tabled for discussion.


3D-MODEL AG presented about the technology 3d printing


Philipp Binkert – Founders 3D – MODEL AG

Philipp Binkert is together with his partner Christiane Fimpel the founder and owner of 3D-MODEL AG. His company is pioneering in 3d printing for everyone, selling printers, software and scanners.  As the partner of international 3D Systems, Philipp Binkert’s company is the most advanced and comprehensive 3D design to manufacturing solutions including 3d printing, print materials, 3d design and custom parts. Philipp Binkert studied architecture at the Pratt institute in New York, worked in New York, Singapore, Berlin and Zurich. His highly captivating know how in 3d printing allows him to be a key player for 3d printing in Switzerland. Philipp Binkert is an outstanding speaker, in the higher level 3d print system, influencing our society in how we will manufacture, educate, medically treat and transport things. Philipp Binkert’s passion for the industry and its capabilities is likely to make his speech particularly engaging. Due to his profound know how he experienced within a chocolate manufacturer on New York he now also researches and develops food materials for 3d printing.

Event speakers:

Graeme Maxton – Secretary General of the Club of Rome
Rea Eggli – Founder and Partner wemakeit
Joris Lohmann – Chairman oft the Slow Food Youth Network
Philipp Binkert – Founders 3D – MODEL AG
Dr. Roman Gysel, Team Leader Project Business (Energy Systems), Meyer Burger AG

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